Studio Policy and Lesson Information

Please fully read my studio policy before requesting lessons with me.   Download the complete Studio Policy here: Studio policy- updated May 2016



Young students will begin on a box violin and dowel bow to accustom them to holding and practicing on something of that size. The box violin and dowel bow will be shown at the first lesson. I will direct you in renting/buying a violin outfit later on.  After a certain level has been achieved, the student will need a music stand, for holding sight reading and sheet music, as well as a metronome, a dedicated violin pencil and eraser.


Please be on-time for your lesson, plan on arriving and being inside 5 minutes before the lesson is to start, and enter quietly.

Parents are required to attend their student’s lessons until it is deemed appropriate for the student to come alone.  Please come prepared to take notes, as the Suzuki method is successful when the parent is involved with the lessons.  Please keep your cellphone use to a minimum while in the lesson, keep it on mute, and take calls outside.

Please come prepared for your lesson.  Listen to the CD during the week, bring all your material to lessons and practice at least 5 days a week.  Students who listen to the CD on a regular basis progress much faster and learn the repertoire easier. 

Lesson time agreed upon by the student and teacher belongs to that student for the duration of the school year, unless schedules change and a new lesson time is required.  Please be respectful of my time and other student’s times before asking for another long-term weekly lesson time.

Lessons run for the entire school year with a few exceptions. Lessons will be cancelled for all statutory holidays: Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Family Day, Good Friday, and Victoria Day. There is also a two week break during Christmas and New Years Day, as well as a two week break during March Break. Students are responsible to attend their weekly lessons during the school year.

All Suzuki music books and Suzuki CDs will be paid for at the student’s expense. Supplemental lesson material can be borrowed from my personal library, unless unavailable. 

Lesson lengths:

20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes.

*Theory lessons are a minimum of 45 min long, and are subject to the same lesson fees as instrumental lessons.


Please contact me for tuition fees.

Payment can be made by Interac e-transfer (preferred), cheque, or cash (although not preferred).  An invoice will be emailed to you before the 1st lesson of each month.

Cancelation and Re-scheduling Policy:

Payment will still be required for lessons cancelled within 24 hours of the lesson start time.

Please keep the number of missed and/or rescheduled lessons to a minimum, after 3 cancellations or reschedules, a $10 fee will be added to your tuition for each lesson missed or rescheduled by you.

If I need to reschedule, it will be made up as my time and schedule permits. 

If you wish to no longer continue lessons with me, please be advised that you will need to pay for the rest of the lessons if you do not wish to attend the rest of the month’s lessons or continue lessons until the end of that month. 

Please note: By deciding to take lessons with me, you are agreeing to my studio policy, and all that pertains to it.  Please be mindful of my time, your time and/or your child’s time, and act accordingly and responsibly.  My time is as valuable as your child’s other teachers, or any business associate you come in contact with.  Please consider the lessons with me as a business agreement between teacher, parent and child and act accordingly. 

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