Studio Policies

*by studying with me, you agree to following all studio policies*


Tuition holds the lesson slot for the student for the school year, and you are required to pay for your lesson regardless of whether it was attended or not.  Tuition for private lessons is due monthly on the first lesson of each month, for the number of lessons within the month, or one payment at the beginning of the semester for all lessons scheduled. Payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer or PayPal.  In all cases, it is your responsibility to pay on schedule or a $7 late fee will appear on your next month’s invoice for payment made past the 7th of the month, unless otherwise agreed upon.  Invoices are emailed either monthly or per semester depending on your payment schedule.  Any extra lessons not included in the regular set of monthly lessons must be paid at the lesson, and will be included in the next month’s invoice for tracking purposes.

Two group class fees will be added to your invoice per month and will not be refunded if student is absent.

At the Lessons

Please be on-time for your lesson, if you are late, your lesson will not run late. Plan on arriving up to 5 minutes before the lesson is to start, and if there is a lesson before yours, enter quietly as a courtesy to that student, otherwise knock and wait for me to answer. Feel free to use the washroom prior to your lesson, and wash your hands if necessary.  Parents are required to sit in on the lessons for all students 12 and under unless it is deemed appropriate for the student to come alone.  Parents must remain attentive and come prepared to take notes for the home practice sessions.  Texting, cell phones and electronics are not permitted to be used in the lessons unless it is urgent, for urgent phone calls please make them outside my studio.  Please do keep your smart phone with you as I may ask you to take pictures for home practice reference.

Preparing For The Lesson

Hands need to be clean and nails trimmed short prior to the start of the lesson time. Please be mindful of the clothes you are wearing and stay away from big hoods, slippery fabrics, cowls, scarves or collars that make holding the violin on the shoulder difficult.

To make progress in your instrument and to learn the joy of music, you must be committed to daily practice and listening, minimum 5 days a week.  Following is the minimum amount of time per day I expect for daily practice:  Pre-Twinkle – Lightly Row: 15min,  Song of the Wind – end of Bk 2: 30min, Bk 3 – Bk 4: 45min, Bk 5 up: 60min.  Please come prepared for your lesson, bringing all your current material to lessons.

Yearly Schedule

Students have 36 lessons between September 10 and June 22nd.  Lessons do not meet on statutory holidays:  Thanksgiving Day, Family Day, Good Friday and Victoria Day.

Group classes are 30 minutes long and run every first and third Friday (some exceptions, see the Lesson Schedule page) through the school year except for holidays.  Group classes are mandatory and will not be made up if the student is absent.

Please see the 2018/19 Lesson Schedule page for the complete schedule and all dates.

To maintain learned skills and to progress at a steady pace, year round lessons are a must.  Students are required to attend a minimum 2 lessons during July and August.  All school year policies apply to summer lessons.

Cancellation Policy

Your lesson time is reserved exclusively to you.  Cancelled lessons will not be refunded for any reason, and each student is allowed a maximum of 3 makeup lessons per year as the schedule permits.  After 3 makeup lessons, cancelled lessons are considered forfeited and will not be made up.  To guarantee a makeup lesson slot, students and/or parents must notify me of their absence 24 hours prior or more, a makeup lesson is forfeited completely if the student is absent with not notification or I am notified within the hour before the lesson.  Please let me know before the end of the month if you will be away the next month so that the invoice can be adjusted accordingly or a makeup lesson scheduled.  If I need to cancel or reschedule, all lessons and gowill be made up or refunded.

If you wish to no longer continue lessons in my studio, 30 days notice of quitting is required with lessons scheduled as usual, or payment for the scheduled lessons in the 30 days if you do not wish to attend or continue the lessons in the next 30 days.  If notifying me of quitting in the summer before returning for September, a minimum of 45 days is required.

In the event of extreme weather such as snow, please assume lessons are running as per usual unless you have heard otherwise from me.

Required Material

All instruments, equipment, music books and CD/recordings will be paid for by the student.  Please bring to each lesson: violin and bow, shoulder sponge or rest, student notebook, pencil and all assigned material.  All violin and material shopping can be done at The Soundpost (College and Queens Park) or Remenyi House of Music (Bloor and Avenue), or Shar, an online music store.

Parental Involvement

Parents are required to sit in on the lessons for all students under 12 unless it is deemed appropriate for the student to come alone.  Parents must remain attentive and come prepared to take notes for the home practice sessions. Discussion of the child’s progress is encouraged at the beginning of the student’s lesson or by email or phone.


There will be at least one formal recital per school year.  A fee of $30 per student ($5 per each additional student in the family) will be collected before the recital to pay the accompanist and book the recital space.  All students are encouraged to attend and play.  Informal recitals will be scheduled as the semester permits, giving students an opportunity to play for their peers.